Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Heaven in a Tube

I have been in a funk today. I could still be going through cheese-withdrawal or it could be the fact that I’m signed with every agency in town and have applied or expressed interest in about a billion jobs and yet my phone is not ringing! It also could be that I’m trying to write a difficult section of my book and find a way to write about certain people without sounding judgmental and snobby (2 things I hate about myself).

So you see; funk.

And I’ve tried everything to get out of it. I tried reading Jen Lancaster and the Fug Girls, two things which usually cheer me right up. I tried watching a DVR’d episode of 30 Rock that I missed a few weeks ago (only to find that it wasn’t still on there because God Forbid we run out of room on the DVR for The Suite Life of Zach and Cody!). Nothing worked.


At first I didn't get too excited because it could be a package for someone else in the house. I didn't even run to meet him at the door like usual. But my nonchalance was completely unwarranted because....

It's for me!

And I don't even care that my Product Junkie secret is out! Want one of your own? Go here.

(I'm also a little happier/feeling stupid because I just realized while writing this that I can watch full episodes of 30 Rock online.)

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