Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little dog found

As predicted, I could not stop thinking about Tinker Bell, the 5-lb chihuahua that was blown away in a windstorm on Sunday, all day yesterday. I even discussed the story with several friends, mostly because - my apologies, Free Press - I thought the story was badly written and woefully short on details.

But I did not predict, nor do I think I could have predicted, that Tinker Bell would be found (tired, hungry, and muddy) because of a PET PSYCHIC!!!

Here's the story.

In case anyone was doubting that Michigan is capable of becoming the Hollywood of the Midwest it is now apparent that we have the talent, we're building the studios, and we even have made-for-TV stories!!

As for casting: I'm pretty sure all those dogs from Beverly Hills Chihuahua are still getting unemployment checks.

(My psychic prediction: Tinker Bell, her owner, and the pet psychic will end up on Oprah within a month.)

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Clairvoyant said...

Oprah news it is.

This is a real heartwarming story.