Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another post about dieting

Why? Because I'm hungry because I'm barely eating (and yes, I do consider 1200 calories a day "barely eating" though I actually ate 250 more than that because www.myfitnesspal.com immediately adds in the calories you exercise off but I gotta tell you that even 1450 calories just doesn't feel like enough).

And speaking of www.myfitnesspal.com, my sisters are totally kicking my ass. It's kind of like a social media dieting website; besides adding and subtracting my caloric intake for the day I can Friend people and even read blogs if I want to (Um, no, I have my own angsty weight battle story and don't really need to read yours, Oprah) so I Friended both my sisters on there and they are barely eating (for real) and it's not fair. Oh, they are actually weighing themselves too and then reporting how much weight they lose and www.myfitnesspal.com just LOVES to let me know that "Amy lost another 1.6 lbs today and has lost 7 lbs overall!"

Do you think taunting me is the best way to encourage me to lose weight, www.myfitnesspal.com? Do you?

AND, not only do both of them have a higher caloric "allowance" per day than I do, but www.myfitnesspal.com reports at the end of the day if you finish below your calorie goal and of course they both do every single day because they are barely eating (for real) and I just know that if they keep up (not) eating like this one or both of them is going to snap and I'm going to end up having to make a road trip and lure them down from the bell tower with a package of cookies or a pound cake or something.

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