Monday, January 11, 2010

My iPhone is smarter than I am

Yes, I got an iPhone for Christmas. And I just discovered yesterday that I didn't have a voicemail mailbox anymore even though the nice people at AT&T (I am not contractually obligated by my iPhone purchase to state that, I'm just not taking any chances) transferred everything else from my old phone (including my photos, nice) and I just assumed that the voicemail mailbox would make it too but apparently, no, so how about a moment of silence for my voicemail mailbox.

I am a little scared of my iPhone because it knows how to do a lot of things that I don't. For instance, I have Sync in my car but could never figure out how to really hook it up to my old phone and had to manually do it every time I got in the car but the minute I got into the car with my iPhone it was like Sync and my iPhone were old friends being reunited and they started doing all kinds of stuff like downloading my mailbox without me. And I'm starting to get worried that one of these days I'll get in the car and my Sync and my iPhone will have decided that I need to go to Five Guys and I'll be like "But I'm vegan!" but they won't care and the doors will lock by themselves and they'll drive me there and somehow force me to eat a burger.

And you might think it's a little ridiculous for me to think that but yesterday, when I was re-setting up my voicemail account (and WHY is voicemail the ONE thing that doesn't make the cut?) the iPhone computer voice lady is telling me that I need to think of a password and then - even though she's a computer! - she actually waits while I'm thinking of a password and she waits so long that I start to wonder if I won't even need to type the password in and maybe she knows what I'm thinking!

P.S. My iPhone is in the kitchen right now so it won't see me typing this. But it probably knows. It knows everything.

P.S.S. Yes, I know I am spoiled. My children keep reminding me of all the "stuff" I have and how spoiled I am and it's true, I am just plain spoiled these days. I have no idea why. Though I would like them to leave the dishwasher off the list because, yes, I did want a new dishwasher and I AM the only one who uses it but that still doesn't make it a "gift."

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Cindy La Ferle said...

Enjoyed your post! I was the recipient of an iPhone late last year too; my techie son got a better one and gave me the old one. My happiest discovery is that the thing takes amazing photos, which I use on my blog. Not as good as the Canon, but not bad and incredibly convenient!