Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In case I don't make's some evidence

I am trying to clean up the kitchen but keep getting distracted by these tracks that lead from the back of our yard right up to my house.....

What kind of creature can go all bowlegged like that? And is it hiding in the bushes? Did it scramble onto the roof? Is it trying to get in right now and kill me? And why is it January 13 and I still haven't bought postcard stamps for my New Year postcards? Should I just write Happy Valentine's Day on them and wait a month? I mean, now that I've seen these tracks I can't leave the house to go buy stamps; what if it's waiting outside the garage? Was it watching me when I came home from the gym? What if it snuck in while the door was open and hid behind the trash can and it's in the garage right now!! What was that noise? Oh, it was the ice maker. Right? It was just the ice maker? But why did it sound like it was coming from the garage? What the hell is in my garage?


Bob S. said...

Have you been watching too many Lifetime movies, Stacey?

Don't worry, they're only bobcat tracks! LOL

Stacey said...

Are there human-killing, skinny, giant-headed aliens in Lifetime movies now? I stopped watching them when Tori Spelling was starring in all of th.....oh, I see.

Excellent casting, Lifetime.

And thanks for the Bobcat comment, Bob S. You can come take out my garbage.