Thursday, February 4, 2010

If it's so good for me then why do I feel so bad?

It started with a "Bad Mom" moment when my son informed me that one of his nostrils only regularly works at 50-60% capacity. I called his pediatrician and talked to one of the nurses who said, before I go running to an Ears, Nose & Throat Specialist (my first reaction is always Panic!) I should try using a nasal rinse and that might take care of the problem. I informed my son that he would get to shoot water out of his nose on purpose and that sounded good to him in theory but the first night I went to do it he backed out of the bathroom saying "No, mom, no, no, no." like I was going to chop off one of his fingers. I finally got him to cooperate and it seems to be working for him then about the third day I realized that I wake up pretty stuffed up most days and maybe this nasal rinse thing would be good for me too so I did it a couple times and now I have THE WORST sore throat I've had since I had Strep back in '03. Or was it '02? Anyway, I don't get sore throats. I get lots of other things but after nearly dying from a wayward tonsillectomy in 1987 I can count on one hand the number of sore throats I've had. The only thing I can think to blame it on is the nasal rinse. I don't have a fever, or a cough. I do have a bit of an earache. And a headache. I blame the nasal rinse and I CURSE THE NASAL RINSE!

Oh, and Ricola, you are on my list too because your "throat drops" are not nearly as soothing as you claim.

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