Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why I love Twitter (and Facebook)

No one else in my house watches American Idol. I tried recruiting my daughter a few years ago and she was kinda into it but it didn't stick and I'm on my own. So THANK GOD for Twitter (connected to Facebook) which allows me to make snarky comments during the show and actually GET RESPONSES (and I am all about the responses. If a tree makes a snarky comment in the woods but no one hears it, is it really snarky?).

It's like watching the show with a bunch of my friends without having to shower and get dressed and put on makeup and bring a dish to pass. Not that I'm sitting around unwashed, in my robe, gnawing on a baguette. That's....um....someone else.

Have I mentioned that I love Ellen? Not like Portia does of course, but she is hilarious and brings a much-needed sense of levity to the show. That's a hard line to walk. All those poor singers are taking it SO seriously and Ryan gets paid to make it even MORE dramatic and the judges are trying to sound all knowledgeable and intelligent and Smarter Than Thou about people singing and Ellen somehow reminds us not to take it too seriously without bursting any one's ego too badly.

Except Simon looks pissed, doesn't he?


Middle Aged Woman said...

I'll never object to anyone that pisses off Simon Cowell.

Tara Michener said...

Very funny post! I think I'm going to like this blog! :) I enjoy seeing my tweets & fb status updates when watching tv as well.
Tara Michener