Thursday, February 11, 2010

The trouble with boys and thank God for snow days

I don't know whether this goes in the Bad Mother column or the Operating at 25% Capacity Due To Bronchitis column but either way when I got the note from my son's backpack (last Friday? Monday? I can't recall) that announced the 3rd Grade Valentine's Pancake Breakfast on Wednesday morning it did not even occur to me that this was his class Valentine's party and I should be out buying those cheap Sponge Bob or Star Wars valentine's (May The Force Be With You, Valentine!) and nagging him to legibly sign 20 of them.

So thank GOD for the snow day yesterday because my son would have showed up to the party without any valentines. Of course HE did not remind me about getting valentines. He constantly tells me "Mom, I just don't like love" and last year insisted on giving cards to only the girls in his class because "I don't want any boys to be my valentine." (I have to admit, I have no problem with that.)

This morning I glanced at the notice hanging on the bulletin board and realized that they would probably be having the pancake breakfast today because of the snow day yesterday and it suddenly hit me that I'd purchased nothing so I went into Uber-Mom mode and printed Happy Valentine's Day Your Friend, [Son] on clear address labels then wrapped each label around a Smarties package and Voila! instant Valentine that almost looks like he had them made that way just for his class!

Even while phlegmy I am incredibly resourceful.

I'm glad for the snow day and the chance to get about 12 hours of antibiotics into my system because if there had been school yesterday then he would have been the loser kid with no valentines to hand out.

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Miz Dinah said...

You go, Über-mom! I am also a Queen of the Last Minute. Doesn't mean we can't be awesome. :)