Wednesday, May 19, 2010


First, I'd like to extend my congratulations to Rima Fakih, the newly crowned Miss America. Next, I would like to extend a SHUT UP ALREADY to the radio station that CAN'T STOP trying to get some attention from her success.

A personality from this radio station had no qualms whatsoever about posting pics from their website of Rima at a station-sanctioned striptease party on his Facebook page first thing Monday morning ("Homegrown talent! Here's some pics!"), then spent the rest of the day belittling every other news source who also wanted copies of the pics and/or talked about it.

This morning the radio station Tweeted about having a copy of a movie that she appeared in called Throbbing Justice, but were also posting comments about how "exhausted" they were over requests for the stripper pics.

You're not exhausted, you've been called out as the hypocrites you are. Own it and shut up.

This morning the Facebook page had a link to an article that "finally got it right." This is from the article on "The pictures had been on [the site] since Fakih participated in the contest in 2007, but nobody seemed to take any notice of them, not even when the dark-haired beauty became Miss Michigan USA to earn a spot in the Miss USA pageant that was held last week in Las Vegas. But as soon as Fakih was crowned Sunday night, the tabloid media started digging for dirt on her."

This isn't exactly true. The media didn't "go digging," they were handed the photos on a Facebook platter. And the station didn't have a problem handing them over until everyone else in town started asking WHY they would do such a thing.

I'll tell you why they would do such a thing: ratings, attention, dollars.

Which was fine until it turned on them and everyone started accusing them of besmirching a beauty queen for ratings, attention, and dollars and they decided to act all innocent.

Man up.

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