Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why is private school so darn expensive?

I'm a little cranky today because an administrator who shall remain nameless at my son's school approached my son and said "Your mom called me and told me you are having some trouble with some kids in school," and, DUDE, I NEVER CALLED YOU!

My son IS having trouble with some kids in school. I refuse to totally blame the other kids - my son is a tad dramatic and tends to over react and I know this is like catnip to elementary-age boys - but, really, when my son comes home and says he can't get his work done because a kid keeps continuously tapping him with a pencil or putting his hand over my son's paper so he can't see his work I get a little annoyed. And I know kids do things to each other but it's the same kids over and over and I've already been in to talk to the teacher who is doing the best she can and yes, I do realize that if my son were able to focus a little better he wouldn't be having half the problems he's having but how is supposed to be able to focus with all the CRAP going on?

All of this does not change the fact that someone LIED to my son. I don't care if you need to address the issue and need to find a way to approach him, find a way to do it without lying. I don't need you undermining MY relationship with my son to address an issue that should have been addressed months ago - and it should have been addressed months ago because I have had to say the same thing to my son after school every day this year...."Just ignore them."

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