Thursday, June 24, 2010

I should be making a video instead of writing a blog post about making a video

Ever since it was announced I have had every intention of making a video to submit to the Oprah Your Own Show contest and I even started making it on several occasions (the first time = bad lighting, the second time = cheesy idea, the third time = audio gave out on the video camera, so of course now I'm starting to wonder if the Universe doesn't WANT me to enter the contest because if I get chosen to be on the reality show portion I'd have to live away from my family for 6 weeks or something and just today my family told me how GLAD they are that I'm not doing morning radio anymore because they like having me home although I suspect it's only because that means there is someone to drive them all somewhere and not because they really like me or having me around) but the deadline is in TWO DAYS and I keep putting it off (although we have been REALLY BUSY with all the swimming, golf, skating, and lacrosse my kids have been doing) and now I just don't know. One part of me WANTS to make the video because, you never know, someone could see it and offer me a fabulous job and if I don't do it that will never happen but on the other hand I'm not living in a sitcom or a RomCom and those things rarely happen in real life except I keep thinking that sometimes they do because what else are all these sitcoms and RomComs based on?

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