Friday, June 18, 2010

It is nearly impossible to cancel Comcast

This week we switched from Comcast, which we've had for.e.ver to AT&T UVerse and the day that we switched it was like having a new computer because the thing that had been working like a TR186 (or some other kind of slow computer that doesn't exist anymore) was working like it was on SPEED or something.

But now the computer is acting like it's old, tired self and I'm suspicious that UVerse somehow managed to bribe or bully my computer into acting better and faster than it really is for a day simply to convince me that I had made the right decision and this makes me really worried because now UVerse is IN MY HOUSE and if it has those kinds of powers then I fear for the safety of my children and pets (and my husband because he will NEVER believe that UVerse is trying to control us no matter how much evidence I have).

Comcast is pretty powerful itself in that it is nearly impossible to cancel. I have been the one calling Comcast for our entire married life (17 years this July 3 thankyouverymuch) and even though the bill is in my husband's name I have successfully added and deleted channels and scheduled service and maintenance but when I called to cancel I was told I DID NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY because I am not my husband.

I said, "Listen, I AM the authority of my husband. I have his social security number, I doubt he even remembers it anymore." But the Comcast Woman refused to cancel our service so I told my husband that he had to call and cancel and he called from his work phone and they COULDN'T EVEN FIND HIM IN THE SYSTEM.

Also, when I called, I was told that I would have to return all our many Comcast gadgets myself to an entirely inconvenient location (with rumors of an hour or more in line). Like I have time for that. My husband called again to cancel - this time from our house phone so they could track us (which also makes me worried - of course - because we didn't have Comcast service at the time!) - and now they are picking up our equipment and THANK YOU to whatever understanding and sane Comcast employee he finally got on the phone but really, hon, you are in a minority and you might want to consider switching to UVerse too.

Just a thought.

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