Thursday, September 4, 2008

Please plea me

I can’t believe it’s over.

There was no use pretending to get anything done this morning as I sat glued to my television watching – first – a packed courtroom that had absolutely NOTHING going on except a bunch of people squirming and trying to act like they were NOT trying to be seen on television – then – Christine Beatty catching a minor break and not having to appear back in court until 9/11 (I would have asked for another date, myself) – and FINALLY – Kwame Kilpatrick admitting what we knew all along that HE DID IT (both physically and verbally) and resigning office and getting a sentencing date.

And as glad as I am that it’s over there is one thing I am even more glad about – that I have never pissed off Kym Worthy. She has to be the prettiest pit bull in the metro Detroit area, if not all of Michigan. In her interview after the courtroom scene she started out calmly enough, giving the typical “I’m not going to say anything” statement, but then boy did she start saying stuff! And when some stupid reporter finally asked her “Why a million dollars?” I could see her trying to decide between biting the reporter's head off and spitting it out right there in front of everyone or just putting the reporter on HER LIST.

I would have chosen having my head spewed all over a crowd of reporters then to end up on Kym’s list.

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