Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Prepare to be shocked

I don’t usually cover two distractions in one day but I got home tonight and the first thing that slapped me in the face when I logged on the computer was

Clay Aiken:'Yes, I'm Gay'
What Forced Ex-'Idol' to Come Forward

At This Point? 'I Cannot ... Hide Things'

I have to ask …what exactly did he think he was hiding?

Aiken said that the “constant questioning of his sexuality in the tabloids” (i.e. haven’t had a hit in a while and the Claymates aren’t really supporting him in the manner to which he’s become accustomed) affected him deeply. Then he said “At least when I was in middle school … I understand why they picked on me.” What the hell does he mean by this? That NOW he finally gets what every other kid in school had figured out when he was 12? Or that he can understand why 12 year olds would pick on another, weaker 12 year old, but can’t figure out why underpaid reporters who are wasting their college educations might be a little miffed at the overnight success who’s pulling down more in a day than they do in a year.

If he had just admitted it FIVE YEARS AGO when he was ON American Idol he wouldn't have had to "deal with it" for all these years. And I do believe that a person's sexuality is personal, however, had he not watched enough TV in his life to realize that by the third time that you refuse to answer the VERY SAME QUESTION from a reporter the topic is going to be beaten like a dead horse?

I wasn’t surprised by the other headline either; Lindsay Lohan finally admitted that she is dating that D.J. You can’t open a magazine in a waiting room or check out at Kroger without seeing pictures of them everywhere. However, I was surprised to find out that that dude is a girl.

And, there is one more headline in tonight’s Gay News. Portia de Rossi is planning to change her name to Portia DeGeneres. Shouldn't someone have told her that she could have capitalized that D any time she wanted to?

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