Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sharon McFoolish

To no one’s surprise Sharon McPhail is – again – running for Mayor of Detroit. She says it’s because she wants to finish all the good work that was accomplished during the Kilpatrick administration, so I guess she doesn’t feel like the citizens of Detroit were lied to or cheated enough.

She MAY have all kinds of good intentions but it doesn’t matter because she isn’t smart enough to realize that she has said too much DUMB STUFF in public and ON THE NEWS and it’s all saved on the Internet for anyone to hunt down. (Which, of course, I did. My favorite being the interview in Aug. with Devin Scillian where she insisted that Kwame had NO intention of stepping down and that a Judge lied when he said she called him! Seriously, she called a Judge a liar on the evening news!)

And maybe I’m not wise to the way of politics but her job title until recently was General Counsel for the City of Detroit. But wasn’t she really working AGAINST the City of Detroit when she was helping the lying, cheating Mayor lie and cheat some more? Haven’t we all realized that it was in the City of Detroit’s BEST INTEREST to get him out of office and into jail?

The best part was on the news last night when she told reporter Kerry Birmingham that people are telling her that they don’t think of her as being involved in the Kilpatrick mess at all…and she didn’t even break out laughing once! (Niether did Kerry which I totally believe she deserves an Emmy for.)

The City of Detroit has already given her a polite thanks but no thanks on being the Mayor twice (1993, 2005) but I guess that maybe she thinks that now that we’ve seen her acting all Mayoral (arguing with reporters, sassing back to Judges) that people might think she’s more qualified.

What she really should do is sleep with one of her employees.

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Only the Half of It said...

Maybe she should apply to be our country's vice president. That would be fun.