Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sympathy for the devil's mistress

I readily admit that most of my knowledge of the law comes from watching Law & Order (and, OK, Matlock) but I am DYING to hear what Christine Beatty’s defense is going to be when she goes to trial. Someone borrowed my pager? I resigned before I was forced to so I shouldn’t have to go to jail?

And get this – according to today’s paper Beatty’s lawyer “is betting on a well of sympathy for Beatty when her case is before jurors.”

Oh. My. God. That’s IT? Sympathy? That’s the risk he’s willing to take with her life?

And why is she putting up with this? Why didn’t she start squealing on Kilpatrick months ago? Because when he was put to the test he easily took her down with him. Kilpatrick admitting about lying under oath basically says that she was also lying under oath. That’s not law, that’s math.

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