Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wondering if I should change my password

My husband knows my AOL password. (Yes, I’m still using AOL. I’m used to it and I’m lazy and I like that I get reports on what my kid is doing and I realize there’s probably better stuff out there that does all that but then I would be required to learn it.)

As I was saying, I had to tell him my password the other night because he decided that THIS year he was going to attend Middle School conferences and came home all revved up about teachers and assignments and Snapgrades. “Have you heard about this?!” he asked. Why, yes, I had. I’ve been using Snapgrades since she started middle school – TWO YEARS AGO. So the other night he’s trying to log in and check out her grades but we can’t remember the password and is has to be sent to my email address (because that’s what it was created with), so he transfers over to my screen name and then looks up at me expectantly.

Am I a bad wife because I hesitated? I’ve got NOTHING to hide. I’ve got LESS than nothing to hide. And we’re already Facebook friends (oh, and we ARE married) but one half of my brain was warning the other half like someone in a theater warning the dumb blonde on the screen not to go into the basement. “Don’t you let him have your password. Next thing you know he’s gonna want to be knowing what you do with your time all day!”

I have no idea why that half of my brain talks that way.

I gave him the password and he checked out the grades (which were all A’s – as usual, duh!) and now every time I log on I wonder if I should change my password. It’s so stupid it’s memorable though I don’t think he’d ever get bored enough to check out who’s emailing me. OK, what I’m really worried about is him logging on and deducing just how lame my life actually is. We’ve been married over 15 years and I have managed to keep that a secret. So far.

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